Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the information that BarMatch, Inc. ("BarMatch," "we," or "us") collect about users ("you") of the BarMatch mobile application ("Application," "App") and related website (, how we use that information, and with whom we share it. If we make any material changes to our privacy practices, we will post a revised Privacy Policy on this page. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or writing to BarMatch, Inc., 2652 Falmouth Rd., Ottawa Hills, OH, 43615.

Please Read Carefully.


o Information collected automatically:

When you use BarMatch, we automatically collect and store information about your computer or mobile device and your activities. This information includes:

· Your mobile device's unique ID number

· Your computer or mobile device's geographic (GPS) location while the app is actively running or you are visiting the site

· Your computer or device's IP address, if visiting from the web

· Technical information about your computer or mobile device (such as type of device, web browser or operating system)

· Your preferences and settings (time zone, language, privacy preferences, product preferences, etc.)

· The URL of the last web page you visited before coming to one of our sites

· The buttons, controls, functions used, and ads you clicked on (if any) while using BarMatch

· How long you used BarMatch and which services and features you used

· When you install the app and remove the app from your phone

· The online or offline status of BarMatch

o Information you choose to provide:

In order to register, you will be asked to sign-in using your Facebook login or by creating a BarMatch account. If you do so, you authorize us to access certain Facebook account information (pictures, about information, etc.), including information about your Facebook friends who might be common Facebook friends with other BarMatch users. We also may need to access your photo galleries if you create an account and want to add photographs. Further, if you invite users to BarMatch, or search for friends on BarMatch, we will need access to your phone contacts. By allowing us to access your Facebook account, contact database, and photo galleries you understand that we will obtain and may share your name and a profile picture, as well as the name and profile picture of your Facebook friends who are common Facebook friends, or BarMatch friends, with other BarMatch users in your network or geo-location.

Whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information on publicly-viewable screens or pages, that information will be publicly available and can be collected and used by others. For example, if you post your email address, you may receive unsolicited messages. We cannot control who reads your posting or what other users may do with the information you voluntarily post, so we encourage you to EXERCISE DISCRETION and CAUTION with respect to your personal information.

You may also (but are not required to) provide information about yourself (such as your location, URL, or a biography). Any additional image or information you provide may be publicly displayed. If you wish, we will delete your account information; to do so, please close your account by sending an email to [email protected]

Your sexual preference will NOT be shared with any third party. Outside of your accepted BarMatch friends, only people with corresponding preferences (set up during "preferences" in account creations) will be allowed to view your public profile once checked in to an establishment.

o Information about others:

We may collect and store personal information about other people that is available to us through your Facebook login, namely the name and picture of certain of your Facebook friends, or friends already on BarMatch, as follows: we will only share this information with other BarMatch users who are already friends with your Facebook friend, or BarMatch friend, and who already have access to such information.

2. How we use your information

We may use your information to provide and improve our services, award loyalty points to you, make special offers or discounts, customize services for you, better understand our users, diagnose and fix problems, and sell and display offers and ads that may be relevant to you. We may share your gender, age, function usage and geographic (GPS) location with third parties (such as Bar Owners) in order to assist them in analyzing their operations and patronage. We will NEVER share your sexual preference, name, contact information, conversations, or profile pictures, with third parties, unless by order of a lawful subpoena or government request. Only then will we comply with the government's specific requests as detailed in the subpoena.

Geo-location (GPS) information:

When the BarMatch application is in use, we keep track of your device's geographic location so that we can connect you to other BarMatch users based on your specific geographic location, as well as allow you to check into venues and find friends.

Conversations and Comments:

BarMatch Inc. may store conversations or comments made by users for an indefinite amount of time to better enhance the user experience. BarMatch Inc. may also purge these conversations or comments to ensure a positive user experience and cut down on server usage. This is done at BarMatch Inc.'s discretion without prior notification to the user.

Check-in Privacy:


We utilize Google Maps API for bringing up Map Data for you to gather subsequent data as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. You are also bound by Google Maps Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To see the Google Maps Terms of Service click on this link To see the privacy policy of Google Maps click on this link

3. Use of your information by others

We may share user information with other companies for various reasons as described below. What information we make available to other companies depends on the nature of our relationships with them. We generally require these other companies to keep our users' information confidential.

o Service Providers: We may share all of the types of information we collect with vendors who provide services to us.

o Advertisers: To the extent that we ever display advertising on BarMatch, we may allow advertisers and advertising networks to collect information about your mobile device (including mobile device IDs), activities, and geographic location to enable them to display targeted ads to you.

o Analytics Companies: We allow analytics companies to use tracking technologies to collect information about our users' computers or mobile devices and their online activities. These companies analyze this information to help us understand how our sites and apps are being used. Analytics companies may use mobile device IDs, as described in the paragraph below ("Mobile device IDs"). Unlike cookies, device IDs cannot be deleted.

o Mobile device IDs: In order to recognize you, store your preferences, and track your use of our application, we may store your mobile device IDs (the unique identifier assigned to a device by the manufacturer) when you use the BarMatch application. Unlike cookies, device IDs cannot be deleted.

o Aggregated Information: We may publicly disclose aggregated information about our users, such as the total number of our users and their overall demographics.

o Venue Owners: We may share your age, gender, geo-location, any BarMatch functions that take place while checked in, and times checked in and out of specific locations with the respective owners. We will NOT share your name, photos, conversations, or sexual preference.

o BarMatch Friends: We may share your GPS location, as well as profile information, with people you have decided to befriend on BarMatch. We only do this in order for them to see where you are checked in at, so long as you have your privacy settings within the application open to allowing your friends to find you. If you are not checked in, your location is NOT shared.

o BarMatch Users Public [Not BarMatch Friends]: We may share your checked-in status, public profile information (profile pictures, name, public bio, age, gender etc.), and friends of friends on Facebook and/or BarMatch with other public users on BarMatch. This is shared only if you have your privacy settings open to the public view and are checked in to a venue.

4. Legal matters

We may disclose any and all information: in response to a legal request, such as a subpoena, court order, or government demand; to investigate or report illegal activity; or to enforce our rights or defend claims. We may also transfer your information to another company in connection with a corporate restructuring, such as a sale or merger.

5. What we DO NOT share

We will NEVER provide any third party [outside of a legally issued legitimate subpoena or government demand] with your sexual preferences, name, address, profile photographs, conversations, email address, or phone number.

Do not post your contact information in the comments section or biography section. If you place them in the public domain you do so at your own risk and liability. BarMatch is not liable for events subsequent to and/or because of you publicly posting your contact information.

6. GPS Location

Within the settings of the application you can turn on or off your GPS location (which is required to check in and invite friends out) as well as set your location privacy to display one of 2 ways:

1. Public (required to be set in order to play BarMatch game):

a. When another "public" user is checked into the same venue as yourself, they can see your profile and vice versa.

b. Every friend can see what venue you are checked into at any time. You can invite them out to that venue or vice-versa.

c. If you are not checked into a venue, your location is not available to anyone (both public and friends).

2. Friends Only (cannot participate in Match game even when checked into a venue):

a. No "public" user can see your location, regardless of whether they are checked into the same venue as you or not.

b. Every friend can still see what venue you are checked into at any time. You can invite them out to that venue or vice-versa.

c. If you are not checked into a venue, your location is not available to anyone (both public and friends).

7. Children's privacy

We do not allow persons under 21 to register for any BarMatch service, and we do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from persons under the age of 21.

8. Information from users outside the United States

If you are outside the United States, your information will stored by a United States Corporation, and is subject to US laws only.